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The Strife of Love in a Dream

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Which is to say that I was not actually thinking about a cat either, there being no cat except insofar as the sound of the scratching reminds me of one….

"Nor am I thinking about a cat any longer.

"Then again I certainly would have had to be thinking about one while I was typing that sentence, even though the sentence says just the opposite.

"Surely one cannot type a sentence saying that one is not thinking about something without thinking about the very thing that one says one is not thinking about.

"I believe I have only now noted this. Or something very much like this.

"Possibly I should drop the subject."

—from Wittgenstein’s Mistress, by David Markson, 1988, The Dalkey Archive Press, p. 63

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Great Dream Artists

"You dream, each of you, but there are few great dream artists. Many of the true purposes of dreams have been forgotten, even though those purposes are still being fulfilled. The conscious art of creating, understanding, and using dreams has been largely lost; and the intimate relationship between daily life, world events, and dreams almost completely ignored. The ‘future’ of the species is being worked out in the private and mass dreams of its members, but this also is never considered. The members of some ancient civilizations, including the Egyptians, knew how to be the conscious directors of dream activity, how to delve into various levels of dream reality to the founts of creativity, and they were able to use that source material in their physical world.

"Cellular life is affected by your dreams. Healings can take place in the dream state, where events at another order of existence alter the cells themselves. Ruburt has been exploring the reality of dream levels, and in so doing he is beginning to glimpse their significance. To some extent each reader can initiate such private journeys. They will, these dream expeditions, throw great light on the nature of personal daily experience, and they will also provide personal knowledge of the ways in which probabilities operate.

"I said earlier in this book that the world you know arises from basic unpredictability, from which significances then emerge. No system of reality is closed. The particular string of probable actions that you call your official experience does not just dangle, then, out in space and time—it interweaves with other such strands that you do not recognize. In the waking state the conscious mind must focus rather exclusively upon that one p[articular point of concentration that you call reality, simply so that it can direct your activities properly in temporal life. It is quite equipped, however, also to direct you to some extent in other levels of reality when it is not needed for specific survival duties.

"Because you have in the past convinced yourselves that the conscious mind must of necessity be cut off from inner reality, you think that it must be alienated from the dream state. Following such beliefs, you find yourselves thinking of dreaming as chaotic, unreasonable, and as completely divorced from normal conscious direction purpose, or function. It often seems that sleep is almost a small death, and psychologists have compared dreaming with controlled insanity. You have so divorced your waking and dreaming experience that it seems you have separate “lives,” and that there is little connection between your waking and dreaming hours. The rich tapestry of probable actions from which you choose your official life becomes just as invisible. This is quite needless.”

—from The “Unknown” Reality, Volume One, A Seth Book, by Jane Roberts, 1996, Amber-Allen Publishing, pp. 170-171 (Session 698, 5/20/74)

[Note: Ruburt is how Seth referred to Jane Roberts in their sessions.]

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My cholesterol’s low,
and my doctor’s aghast.
She wants us to meet,
but I’m starting a fast.

"You’re a type 1 bombinus,
we’ve done all the trials.
Your counts should be high
that’s what’s in our files.”

I calmly remind her that
I won’t take their pills
only to satisfy
their rules or their wills,

"But statistics hold true,
on this we base all!
You should be high risk;
you’re in the long haul,”

I’m a statistic anomaly
in optimal range,
which sets off alarms
because I’m so strange.

I say our beliefs
affect all outcomes,
but she cannot listen
lest her license succumbs.

"You must fear our reasons,
and bow to our Gods!
Where your health is concerned.
we’re playing the odds.”

I say, sorry, doc,
I’m taking a walk.
If your mind ever opens,
then we can talk.

Silence rings out
from her end of the line.
I hope she feels better,
because I feel just fine.

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i have mice in my belly
one brown and one white
they give me perspective
when my jaw locks up tight

i never suspected
such tension inside
until a beautiful asian
began prodding my side

there’s not an equation
that lets the mice out
but my throat can be softened
she left me no doubt

I won’t leave you cautioned
the mice are still there
but her amazing alignment
has left me aware

there’s always refinement
since the bodies we mold
come from inside to out
from the new world to old

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on my deck

feather flowers fucked-up fool
they greet me like a grinning ghoul

i never know where me-ness ends
i think it doesn’t, tumblr friends

instead our seamless selves reveal
precisely poised, inside what’s real

that now’s the only time that’s true
and there is no difference
between me and you

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Be not afraid. We only start again an ancient journey long ago begun that but seems new. We have begun again upon a road we traveled on before and lost our way a little while. And now we try again.
from A Course in Miracles

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bugs in my head

are bugs in my head?
i said to the air
while scratching
the back of the
top of my hair

are hugs in my bed?
i asked my ex wife
is yearning
for you
prolonging my strife?

do slugs make us dead?
she wanted to ask
before she
took me to task

are shrugs so misread?
i queried the sky
that passionate
folk are willing
to die

are drugs so widespread?
they wanted to know
that using them now
our glow

are tugs on this thread?
augmenting my likes
that sooner
or later
i’ll have to say, “yikes”

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You will literally see only what you want to see

"In simple terms, you will not try to achieve something that you believe impossible within your concepts of reality. The conscious mind, with its normally considered intellect, is meant to assess the practicality of action within your world. You will literally see only what you want to see. If the race believed that space travel was impossible, you would not have it. That is one thing; but if an individual believes that it is literally impossible for him to travel from one end of the continent to another, or to change his job, or perform any act, then the act becomes practically impossible. The idealization of motion, however, in that person’s mind, or of change, may be denied expression any an given time—but it will nevertheless seek expression through experience. This applies in terms of the species as well as individuals. Because you are a conscious species, in your terms, there are racial idealizations that you can accept or deny. Often at your particular stage of development as a race, these appear first in your world as fiction, art, or so-called pure theory.

"Thoughts have their own kind of structure, as cells do, and they seek their own fulfillment. They move toward like thoughts, and you have as a species an inner mass body of thought. Privately your thoughts are expressions of your idealizations; and while expressing those inner patterns they also modify and creatively change them. Each cell in your body is to some extent altered with each thought that you think. Each reaction of the cells alters your environment. The brain then responds to the alteration. There is a constant give-and-take. As the cells respond at certain levels to ever-changing streams of probabilities, so do your thoughts. Your body responds as you think it should, however, and so your conscious beliefs about reality have much to do with those probable experiences that you accept as a part of your intimate living.”

—from The “Unknown” Reality, Volume One, A Seth Book, by Jane Roberts, 1996, Amber-Allen Publishing, p. 164 (Session 697, 5/13/74)

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