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The Strife of Love in a Dream

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eclipse (your angles may vary)

spica, mars, and the moon
had not gotten together too soon

as their passage played out through the night
across a whole spectrum of sight

a new feeling began in us all
beyond what we knew how to call

it grew as an ancestral force
that gathered its strength from its course

it held neither glory nor blame
and inspired in us all much the same

a rotating dance through the sky
that showed us we needn’t know why

as night then progressed into day
lets hope to surrender its sway

and remember the delicious boon
of spica, mars, and the moon

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Have We Become Psychologically Blind?

It is not that you overuse the intellect as a culture, but that you rely upon it to the exclusion of *all* other faculties in your approach to life.

The intellect is brilliant, but on its own, now, it is indeed in its way isolated both in time and in space in a way that other portions of the personality are not. When it is overly stressed, with all of the usual frameworks or rationales that go along with it, it can indeed become frightened, paranoid, because it cannot really perceive events until they have already occurred. It does not know what will happen tomorrow, and since it is overly stressed, its paranoid tendencies can only fear the worst.

Now, those tendencies are not natural to the intellect, but only appear when it is forced to operate in such an isolated fashion—isolated not only in time and space, but psychologically isolated from other portions of the personality that are meant to bring it additional information that it does not possess, and a kind of magical support.

The so-called rational approach to life, as it is practiced, is a highly pessimistic one, carrying along with it its own methods and “solutions” to problems, its own means of achieving ends and satisfying desires. Many people are so steeped in that approach to life that they become psychologically blind to any other kind of orientation.

—from The Magical Approach: Seth Speaks About the Art of Creative Living, by Jane Roberts

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